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I recently went to Las Vegas with a few girlfriends to celebrate my birthday. We had high hopes of living out our own personal version of The Hangover but mostly ended up hanging out in our hotel room misbehaving in a fairly civilized way – not a tiger or stray baby in sight. Vegas has so much going on you can almost forget it is built on gambling – except for the 400,000 slot machines everywhere calling to me with their colored lights and clips of favorite shows like Seinfeld. What evil genius figured out that if you put snippets from movies and television shows on a slot machine people will keep loading money into that thing just so they can see the Soup Nazi say “No Soup for You!” while your money slowly ebbs away? Amazing. But as usual, I digress.

Vegas is great place to have fun and potentially do some dumb shit. One of my girlfriends advocated hard for matching dice tattoos on our asses and it was discussed over cocktails with some seriousness. Luckily, cooler heads prevailed (me saying – uh no – my ass belongs to Teresa Sharpe and she is a bit…terittorial) and we went onto saner pleasure (cough). But a gambling tattoo?  Kind of fun, right? And thanks to the folks at Bingo Paddy Power who have submitted the following article I now know that BINGO enthusiasts like to get BINGO tattoos. I only hope that when I am old – or older if I’m being honest – that I am a cool granny with fun stories for all of my tattoos – maybe holding court in the BINGO halls and showing my fellow octogenarians my dice tattoo on my butt and telling them about that one time I went to Vegas…


Grandma’s getting frisky!

If you are an avid bingo fan you will know that ‘grandma’s getting frisky’ relates to the number 60!

In fact, it appears that if you are a really big bingo fan you will have a related tattoo somewhere on your body.

It is estimated over 4 billion people worldwide have a tattoo of some sort. Amongst them are people with bingo balls, dabbers, cards and ball shufflers inked onto their bodies.

Modern day tattoos are most often a sign of self-expression and affiliation with something or someone. With the bingo tattoo we can see most are in remembrance of a loved one and a sign of a bygone era.

gambling tattoos


The traditional bingo card, balls and shuffler can be seen here in their full glory. This appears to be a true fan of the game through and through. The 13, ‘unlucky for some’, and the 12, ‘one dozen’ may signify special dates or even a winning line!

More recently bingo is played online on sites like but it is still widely played in bingo halls and social clubs worldwide.


gambling tattoos


Here is a more modern take on the bingo theme with inclusion of the Muppets character Fozzie Bear. One of the attractive things about this style of inking is the use of colour which you can literally go to town on.


gambling tattoos

Even in black and white the bingo tattoo can be just as special. The above signifies the passing of a loved one, with the added written words ‘until my number is called’.

Unlike many other gambling tattoos like dice, cards and roulette the bingo tattoo always appears to have happy connotations, even in remembrance.


gambling tattoos

Some tattoos merely use the bingo balls to represent something meaningful, such as the supposedly ‘lucky’ number seven.

There are plenty of other ways to express your love for bingo as well by including themes, cards and other hobbies.


Note: This article is submitted by Bingo Paddy Power

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